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The American Wild Horse Campaign works to dismantle the cruel and costly federal wild horse and burro roundup program and replace it with humane management that keeps wild horses and burros wild, protected and free on our Western public lands.

By purchasing here, your given the opportunity to share in preserving these wild creatures rightful place by the number one organization committed to protecting and keeping Wild Horses Wild.

Kimerlee Curyl is one of the world's leading fine art photographers of our iconic wild horses. She has been capturing America's remaining wild horses since 2004. She developed a highly unique and intimate style of capturing a raw essence and rich texture of the horse. Leaving the viewer imagining their very breath on your face.

It is this style that is sought out by celebrities, collectors and collaborators around the globe. Her images have become a voice for the voiceless. All images are wild horses, owned by no one and created by the very salt of this earth. Images are captured in their own environment and on their terms, absolutely nothing is contrived.

These are accounts of their day to day lives living on our vast, yet dwindling public lands.

Kimerlee Curyl

Wild Horse fine art photographer. Conservationist. Avid Horsewoman. California equine and lifestyle branding photographer. Always on the search for the perfect denim shirt. Lover of wine, wind knots, organic wide open spaces, empty dirt roads and everything WILD.

The King Suite in the Archer Hotel

Austin, Texas

Private Collector

Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Modo Mia

Newport Beach, CA

Stamford Hospital

Stamford, CT.

As an art consultant working in the hospitality arena, we were seeking an equine photographer for a recent project who could provide a very specific equine image. I have followed Kimerlee’s work for quite some time, and asked if she could come up with what we needed. She more than answered the call quickly and creatively, presenting a selection of images from which my client could choose. 
One of the images was exactly what our client was seeking - the superior quality print was received on time and in perfect condition. 
Kimerlee’s work is not only exquisite, it is also filled with the emotion and depth that captures the essence of the equine soul. She matches her superb imagery with the finest in print quality. She is a joy to work with on every level. 

Francie Kelley, Paragone One Gallery

Photographer Kimerlee Curyl has been a leading voice for America’s wild horses for over 16 years. Bringing together her mastery of fine art photography and her passion for conservation, Kimerlee artfully connects us to the iconic and majestic wild horses of the American West. Her reductive, yet intimate style draws the viewer in through emotion, inspiring us to care and inviting us to join her in protecting wild horses and the wild places where they live for generations to come.  

Ellie Phipps Price, President, American Wild Horse Campaign