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Familia, 2013, Great Divide Basin, Wyoming

This piece was originally a commission for repeat collectors. They requested something that embodied their own family bond and represented their hard work together, as a family. I am honored the large 50 x 75 piece hangs in the entry way of their establishment, as a symbol of strength and a sign of welcome to their clients.

I am often asked “how do you get such tight, sharp images”? While part of the answer is technical, when it comes to wild horses it is most certainly much more about timing and feel. If you can’t “feel” the horses spirit and intent you’ll never catch the shot. In a more controlled and contrived environment, maybe, but definitely not in raw nature.

This family literally rose over an embankment out of nowhere, we startled each other good. The stallion was considering fleeing, and I could tell the younger horse in the back was going to come forth with Mom and Dad to see what the situation was. Had I been aggressive about getting the shot, or moved or sneezed for that matter, the horses, and the shot, would have vanished into thin air, like many great shots do with wild horses. Its their nature to survive that controls the scene, every time. While that can be disheartening, its part of the work and part of the lessons they share with me.

Stay present and alert with a soft heart and much like their manes in the wind, I must go with the flow.