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A Warm Blanket of Snow

A Warm Blanket of Snow

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Such a unique time to spend out in the wild, the middle of winter.  

It makes for challenging circumstances but so very special to see how they thrive in conditions such as freezing temps, frozen watering holes and searching for shelter from bitter winter winds. Observing them as they traverse the desert landscape now covered in crystalized snow, they use their hooves to unearth the winters dormant grasses for nourishment and ingest the snow for hydration.

Not to mention driving icy rough roads with limited cell service is a bit unnerving. Then there is hiking around in clunky winter boots, giant puffy jackets and carrying two heavy cameras on your shoulders while your nose is running.  Talk about a glamorous work out!

This beautiful mare was completely content curled up, allowing her own body heat keep her comfortable while taking a mid day winters nap.

To see these creatures withstand Mother Nature in this way only fuels my passion further - they belong to our public lands and this is where I will fight to keep them.