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Bed Head, Utah Stallion 2009

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While out with the wild herds, no matter which area, I find myself surrounded by the herd leader or stronger stallions. I’d love to think its kismet, however as herd dynamics go, its the proud role of the leader. Protecting his family. This exquisite stallion was near me almost every day of this trip. Spanish in his look and stature, he was living, breathing poetry as he courted the hearts of young fillies.

This image was captured as he was doing just that. Literally courting a beautiful bay filly with big doe eyes away from her family band. Such a beauty to witness as the mare and stallion of her band, put up no argument, knowing this is the true order of things in the wild. The stallion remained grazing with a few lifts of his head, as if giving approval, the mare, keeping a watchful eye, yet when the young filly tried to return to her mothers side, she gave a nudge with her nose as if to say “time to fly little bird, off you go now, start a life of your own”.