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Unicorn, Salt Wells, WY, 2013

Unicorn, Salt Wells, WY, 2013

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For years I had wished on all my adventures out with the wild herds of finding a gorgeous wild grey mustang. This trip in particular, it was something I desperately wanted.

Thinking the day was a wash, driving on a dirt road, sun dropped behind mirky ominous clouds, actual mist starting in the air - not a great recipe for gorgeous imagery.  As we climbed a small hill - there he was, in the middle of the road. Standing strong with his head turned back to us. I literally shrieked with awe, you can dream this, however you can not plan this stuff in the wild!  

As I carefully got out of the truck, he did not appear frightened. Noble. Proud. Strong. Its as if he took me with him, literally showing me his herd of all grey mares with their all grey yearlings and all grey foals on one side of the road, then he ever so gracefully and confidently walked to the other side of the road and out onto a large plateau of rocks that over looked his valley. He was not bothered with my presence at all, just took me on a journey with him. Taking weight off his back leg he rested a bit.

Salt Wells HMA covers over 1 million acres and was stripped of 2100 wild horses by helicopter just eleven months prior to my visit. Most horses this trip we extremely sensitive. He had every reason to gather his family and flee from me.

Wildness Matters.