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"Snowy" ll

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Holiday Tryptich Decorating with "Snowy" series

Really, that is what she is called which makes me love the image even more, but wait...  

She is from the famed Onaqui wild horse management area. Last July, she was captured during the tragic round up that stripped this area of about 70% of the horses here. 

Snowy had been chased by helicopter into a trap site, where then they separate mares and stallions immediately, foals even get separated until the BLM can figure out who pairs with who. Snowy was not settling well.  

She wanted no part of this operation, as no wild horse does. However, as any strong female knows, often times we need to take matters into our own hands.  And that is what this reslienent strong creature did.  From a stand still she jumped a 6 foot panel and took her freedom back.

Revisiting the area this past October, in an effort to heal from witnessing the round up, and paying respect to those who lost their freedom and those who remain.  I awoke one snowy morning, while incredibly cold and windy, there was no way I was not going to look for her. She was extremely shy, on high alert, and kept trying to get her band to flee further away so I waited patiently freezing, to try and capture a soft moment in time with her amongst the falling snow.

Let her inspire you.