20% goes back to protect our Wild Horses

Limited Edition Conservation Prints

A limited edition is a limited run of artwork that Kimerlee has signed and numbered, these works are valued in collections of art around the world. Each comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. Prices graduate as the edition sells out, the price increases. Once an edition sells out, it is closed and will no longer be available.

These are toned, monochromatic images influence by her years in the traditional dark room, falling in love with Sepia and Platinum Prints and are unique to her specific works.

Prints are archival, plant based, museum quality printed on a beautifully etched cotton rag paper.  Designed for a long life and very minimal footprint on the planet, yet a visual impact on the world. These are exquisite collectors pieces, also offered in prestigious galleries and seen in a variety of museums. We work closely with the finest of printers in the Los Angeles area.  The detail, the emotion and the beauty of these iconic animals infused in every print.

20% will support the American Wild Horse Campaign and their efforts in making the lives of our wild horses and burros safe, wild and free.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping. Prints will be carefully rolled in shipping tubes.

Artwork is fragile and not meant to be stored rolled. Please take to a professional framer for careful opening and acid-free mounting with archival materials soon after its arrival.

Also available in Metal Sublimation and Flush Mounted Plexiglass. Email us for details.

Like our wild horses, these prints are Made in the USA.