~ 20% donated to protect our Wild Horses ~

Open Edition Fund Raising Prints

Kimerlee Curyl created a small series of Open Edition, plant based, archival quality pigment prints for the American Wild Horse Campaign. With a minimal footprint on the planet yet a visual impact on the world.

An open edition is a print produced with no preset limit to the number of copies that may be made. They are signed, but not numbered.  Sizes are the full size of the print, including a one inch border around the image.

These are toned, monochromatic images influence by her years in the traditional dark room, falling in love with Sepia and Platinum Prints and are unique to her specific works.

While not a "Limited Edition" this collection was created to bring the beauty and bliss of these remarkable creatures into the lives and spaces of many who wish to celebrate them. Having one of these unique moments in time captured from the wild will enhance and illuminate any space they inhabit.  Inspiring the viewer to care and join us in the fight for their protection and rightful place on our vast Public Lands.

Every print infused with WILDness.

20% will go to support the American Wild Horse Campaign's efforts in making the lives of our wild horses and burros safe, wild and free. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping. Prints will be carefully rolled in shipping tubes.

Like our wild horses, these prints are Made in the USA