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Romeo & Juliet, Salt Wells, Wyoming 2013

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Wyoming wild horses are remarkable. Their resilience is undeniable. They are by far some of the wildest of the wild. They cover intense terrain, endure brutal weather, and the heart in their eyes reach the depths of your soul. To stand in their presence, to be allowed into their space for a moment in time, is a gift so grand its difficult to express the emotions with words. This moment was no different. This mare and this stallion were amongst a small group of a newly formed band. With two other stallions and two other mares. No foals, just young, new love and survival in the wild.

Every image captured here matters as these horses are continually threatened by the possibility of being "zeroed out." The area holds 1.2 million acres of desert floor - yet the threat of removal never ceases. Wyoming is Wild Horse territory and must remain that way. By supporting AWHC you will be assisting in those very efforts to keep Wyoming and all Wild Horses Wild.


20% of the proceeds will be gifted to the American Wild Horse Campaign