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Sleeping Greys, Utah Mares, 2017

Sleeping Greys, Utah Mares, 2017

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It is true.  I have a thing for sleeping horses, and grey sleeping horse(or grey horses doing anything) makes my heart skip a beat.  

For years they were called the "Three Graces" as three stunning grey mares were inseparable.  Like many rules of the wild however they three were separated by a challenging stallion in the summer of 2017.  When this images was taken these two were still with their original stallion, and one was with the new stallion who drove a wedge between the band.  As of today, in 2018, these two mares were lost to the original stallion and are now with a new head of their small band.  While I quite like the new stallion, it is often hard to watch them get older and loose their strong hold on the future.  

Returning to this herd so many times I have watched loss of life, loss of family and sadly soon, loss of freedom as a round up is set to happen in 2019.  

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